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Foreign nationals holding a residence permit

Family members or students may be entitled to a temporary residence permit other than for employment or work. Foreign nationals residing in Slovenia as family members of a foreign national or for the purpose of studying can only be employed on the basis of an information sheet issued by the Employment Service.

What is the employment procedure?

1. If you live in Slovenia as a family member of a foreign national or as a student and you want to get a job, the first step is to find an employer.

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2. The employer advertises a job vacancy at a competent local employment office using the PDM-KTD form and chooses point b) new employment of a foreign national holding a residence permit not issued for employment or work. 

3. At the Employment Service we check the labour market.

4. If there is no suitable candidates in the register of the unemployed, we send within five working days a written notification and an information sheet to the employer, the administrative unit and the inspectorate. The information sheet lists all the elements and conditions of employment.

The employer should recruit you within 30 days of issuing the notification.

On the basis of the information sheet, the administrative unit will issue a new card indicating the right to work. 

5. If you want to change employer, the new employer should repeat the same procedure described above. 

6. When renewing your residence permit, you do not need to obtain a new information sheet if you are employed by the same employer and in the same job.

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