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Registration in the register of the unemployed

If you are a citizen of a state other than and EU Member State, the EEA countries or Switzerland, check the legal conditions for registering in the register of the unemployment with the Employment Service of Slovenia.

Compulsory Slovenian language exam within one year of the registration

Foreign nationals should pass an exam in Slovenian language at entry level (A1) within 12 months from the date of registration in the register of the unemployed.

The deadline for taking the exam starts on the day you register.

You do not have to take the entry-level exam if:

  • you have passed the basic level (A2 or above) Slovene exam,
  • you have acquired any level of formal education in Slovenia.

More about the exam and learning Slovenian

When to register as an unemployed person?

Foreign nationals are citizens of third countries that are not members of the European Union, are not Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway or Switzerland. To be registered in the register of the unemployed with the Employment Service of Slovenia you should meet the following conditions.

  • You have a recognised right to free access to the Slovenian labour market on the basis of:
    • permanent residence in Slovenia,
    • temporary residence in Slovenia for the purpose of family reunification with a Slovenian national,
    • temporary residence if you are a foreigner of Slovenian origin,
    • temporary residence as a victim of trafficking in human beings or illegal employment,
    • recognised right to international protection, which is also enjoyed by your family members staying in Slovenia on the basis of a residence permit for family reunification,
    • recognised status of a person with temporary protection.

      > More about free access to the labour market

  • You hold a valid single permit issued on the basis of the consent for employment, self-employment or work (previously a personal work permit).
  • You hold a valid EU Blue Card.
  • You are staying in Slovenia on the basis of a temporary residence permit or a certificate of a timely application for a further residence permit. You are entitled to receive unemployment benefit in Slovenia on the basis of your employment or self-employment.

    You can be registered as long as you receive unemployment benefit, but at the same time:
    • you are not in employment,
    • you are fit for work,
    • you are available for employment,
    • you are an active jobseeker.

Where and how to register as unemployed person?

Register with a local employment office of your choice.

It makes sense to choose the office in the area where you will be looking for a job, or the office closest to where you live.

To apply fill in and submit an application form:

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