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Living and working in Slovenia

EURES Advisers provide you information on the labour market and living and working conditions in Slovenia. 

In the video EURES Advisers present you the quality of life in Slovenia, costs of living and accommodation possibilities. You will also get the information on entering, residing and working in Slovenia, an overview of the Slovenian labour market, tips of finding a job in Slovenia, labour legislation, and information on self-employment.

Visit the EURES portal for more detailed information provided by our national EURES Advisers:

Citizens of the EU/EEA and Switzerland do not need a visa or a work permit to work in Slovenia; however, when moving to another country some administrative matters must nonetheless be arranged.

Inform the local police about your arrival within three days (registration is not required for tourist accommodation).

If your stay in Slovenia is planned to exceed three months, you must arrange:

You must register your residence with the competent administrative unit within three months.

The administrative unit can issue confirmation of registration of residence, which you may need for employment or work, self-employment, the provision of services, studies or other forms of education, or for other reasons. The administrative unit issues a confirmation of registration of residence with a validity of five years or for an intended period of residence in Slovenia, if less than five years. This confirmation is issued in the form of an identification card.

You will also receive a personal identification number in the Republic of Slovenia (EMŠO), which forms the basis for arranging tax, banking, and other transactions in the country. The first public institution you come into contact with will obtain the number for you.

You have to apply for a tax number from the Tax Administration.

If you are recruited, the employer is required to include you in the social insurance system (pension and disability insurance, health insurance, parental care insurance, unemployment insurance) upon signing the employment contract.

You will be also included in the social insurance system if you receive unemployment benefits. Read more about claiming the benefit from the ESS.

If you are employed or receiving unemployment benefits, your basic health insurance covers only the basic health services. We recommend that you also take out supplementary health insurance with an insurance company of your choice. Read more about health insurance in Slovenia.

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