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Work in Slovenia

Foreign nationals who want to work in Slovenia need a single residence and work permit. It is issued by an administrative unit. The Employment Service grants consent to the single permit in this procedure. The nationals of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia need a work permit under the agreement between the countries. It is issued by the Employment Service and is valid as our consent in the procedure of issuing the single permit.

First step to getting a job in Slovenia

If you want to work in Slovenia, the first step is to find an employer.

You can customise the job vacancy listings according to your level of education, occupation and the area where you want to work.

Once you have found an employer who is willing to employ you, you can apply for a single residence and work permit.

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Single permit

The single permit allows third-country nationals to enter, stayand work in Slovenia.

Third countries are not members of the European Union or the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein). Switzerland is also not a third country.

How to obtain a single permit?

Work permit

The Employment Service issues work permits for:

  • seasonal agricultural work of up to 90 days
    (under the Employment, Self-employment and Work of Foreigners Act),
  • employment of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina
    (under the Agreement on the Employment of Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Slovenia),
  • employment of citizens of Serbia
    (under the Agreement on the Employment of Citizens of Serbia in Slovenia).

Work permit as consent to a single permit

A work permit for employment of nationals of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia issued by the Slovenian Employment Service shall be taken into account as consent to the single permit issued by an administrative unit in Slovenia.

How to obtain a work permit?

Find out more about the conditions and procedures for a permit.

Nationals of Bosnia and Herzegovina  Nationals of Serbia 

Short-term work as representatives

All foreign nationals working as short-term representatives of up to 90 days in a single calendar year should register the commencement of work at the Slovenian Employment Service.

Such foreign nationals must be entered in the Slovenian court register as representatives of a legal entity.

Short-term work as a representative should be registered online beforeits commencement.

Register the short-term work of a representative!

Free access to the Slovenian labour market

Some groups of foreign nationals shall have the right to free access to the Slovenian labour market.

This means that you can work in Slovenia, be employed or self-employed without consent to the single permit, EU Blue Card or without the seasonal work permit (unless an international treaty binding Slovenia lays down otherwise).

More about free access to the labour market ...

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