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About ESS

Employment Service of Slovenia is one of the key Slovenian labour market institutions.

Our services are intended for:

  • unemployed persons and jobseekers, pupils and students who need professional help in the fields of employment and career guidance,
  • employers, providers of active employment policy programmes and social partners,
  • professional institutions and general public.

Employment Service of Slovenia

Rožna dolina, Cesta IX/6
1000 Ljubljana
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Telephone (switchboard)
++386 1 47 90 900

Main office

Contact centre

General information for the unemployed, jobseekers and employers.

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Media relations

Information for media and journalists

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Employment Service of Slovenia (ESS) is an independent legal entity with public institute status operating uniformly across the entire country.

Our activities are performed in accordance with:

  • labour market legislation in force,
  • professional standards, codes, rules and guidelines, 
  • approved strategic documents. 

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ESS operates on three levels:

  • at ESS head office with the management and Central office,
  • in regional offices and in local labour offices spread in all administrative units throughout Slovenia.

The ESS administrative bodies are:

  • the Administrative Board and
  • Director General.

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Our main activities are:

  • employment advice and jobbroking,
  • life-long career guidance,
  • unemployment benefit and unemployment insurance,
  • implementation of active employment policy (AEP) measures and programmes,
  • issuing of work and employment permits for foreign workers,
  • preparation of analytical, development and other professional materials related to our activities,
  • labour market (LM) and ESS information of a public nature.

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