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Learning Slovenian language

For third-country nationals, a successfully passed Slovene language exam within one year of registering with the Employment Service of Slovenia is mandatory. 

Enrolling on the programme and passing the exam

Participation in the programme free of charge

  • The Employment Service of Slovenia gives you the opportunity to participate in the training courseonce and to take the exam once. Attending the training course is not a prerequisite for taking the exam. You may take the exam only.

What will you gain?

  • During the programme, you will gain breakthrough level proficiency in the Slovene language, which is of key importance for your integration into the labour market in Slovenia.
  • Improved language skills will increase the success of your job applications, improve your cooperation in the workplace and communication in everyday life.
  • The obtained certificate of the breakthrough level (A1) Slovene language proficiency constitutes a valid document which can be used for official or personal purposes.

Contents of the programme

Training course: Slovene as a second and foreign language – breakthrough level (A1).

Duration of the course: 120-180 hours.

Exam: Breakthrough level Slovene language exam (A1).

Duration of the exam: 1 day (2 days in exceptional cases).

The exam consists of a test of reading, writing, listening, and speaking in the Slovene language.

Who can apply for the programme?

You can apply if you are registered as an unemployed person and a foreign citizen.

Third-country nationals

Citizens of third countries are required to pass the breakthrough level (A1) exam in Slovene as a second and foreign language within one year of registering with the Employment Service of Slovenia.

EU citizens 

Taking the exam is not a condition for registering as an unemployed person, but obtaining the certificate will be proof that you are actively seeking employment.

Who is not required to take the breakthrough level exam?

  • If you have completed the exam for Slovene as a second and foreign language at the basic or intermediate level (A2 or higher).
  • If you received any level of formal education in Slovenia.

If this is the case, please submit your official Transcript of Records to your personal advisor.

How to join the programme?

Contact your personal advisor at the employment service where you are registered. Consult him or her about the possibility to apply for a course in the Slovene language, and to take a Slovene language proficiency exam.

He or she will help you prepare the application form, which will be submitted to the programme provider. He or she will also notify you of the timetables for the courses and exams.

Exams and exam dates

Information on scheduled exam dates (as well as a sample exam) is published on the website of the Centre for Slovene as a Second and Foreign Language.

Some exam providers offer Self-directed learning centres (SLC), where they provide advice and preparation for the exam. Your personal adviser at the Employment Service of Slovenia will refer you to an SLC.

Other possibilities for learning Slovene

In addition to the language courses that you can apply for through the Employment Service, there are other courses for the Slovene language.

Check at your nearest administrative unit whether you are eligible to join the Initial Integration of Foreigners programme, with a duration of up to 180 hours, which is intended for third-country nationals.

More information on the course can be found on the website, which also lists the regional providers of the programme.

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