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Entry and residence in Slovenia

If you are non-EU national, you must have a valid travel document and a visa to enter the Republic of Slovenia. Both documents must be arranged before your entry to Slovenia. 

If you are staying for a longer period of time or for reasons other than those based on a visa, you must obtain a residence permit, which is issued:

  • either as a temporary residence permit or
  • a permanent residence permit. 

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The first 500 Slovenian words

We have prepared a mini glossary of the Slovenian language for you.

It is intended for everyone coming to Slovenia for work, education or family reunification.

It will serve as a useful tool in the first weeks after your arrival to Slovenia. 

Rječnik slo/bhs

Перші 500 слів по словенськи

Slovenačko - srpski rečnik na ćirilici


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