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Leaving Slovenia

EURES Advisers offer you support and the necessary information when you leave Slovenia as well.

Administrative matters you need to settle before leaving:

  • terminate your residence in Slovenia at an administrative unit,
  • settle all tax liabilities with the Tax Administration,
  • check your health insurance status,
  • settle all liabilities from subscriptions, such as telecommunications,
  • receive the appropriate portable documents for exercising or transferring your social security rights,
  • obtain all documents for the recognition of education in your home country, if you received formal education in Slovenia,
  • contact competent institutions in your country before leaving.

Leaving Slovenia after employment in Slovenia and claiming unemployment benefit

If you were employed in Slovenia before leaving, check whether you are entitled to unemployment benefit. If you reside in another EU, EEA member state or Switzerland you may choose to claim unemployment benefit either in Slovenia or in the country of your residence.

Check the options of claiming benefits in Slovenia from the Employment Service of Slovenia.

If you have kept your permanent residence in another EU/EEA country or Switzerland during your employment in Slovenia, you can claim unemployment benefits in your country of residence. Submit an application for a U1 form with the Employment Service of Slovenia to obtain information on full periods of insurance in Slovenia. Enclose the U1 form to the benefit application filed with the competent institution in your country of residence.

Application for a U1 form

Carefully fill out the application, sign it and attach the required proof (agreement on employment termination). Proof can also be obtained ex officio by the Employment Service of Slovenia’ however, in this case the procedure for issuing the U1 form is significantly prolonged.

Send the filled-in application to Zavod RS za zaposlovanje, Rožna dolina, Cesta IX/6, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

If you work in Slovenia but reside in another EU country to which you return each day or at least once a week, you are a frontier worker under EU law. In this case, you can claim unemployment benefit from the competent institution in your country of residence.

More on claiming benefit in neighboring countries: Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy.

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