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Access to Slovenian Labour Market

The right to free access to the labour market means that foreigners in the Republic of Slovenia can get employment or self-employment without a permit for work.

Citizens of EU and EEA Member States and Switzerland

Citizens of EU Member States and European Economic Area – EEA (Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland) and Switzerland are equal in jobseeking and getting employment with the Slovenian workers. This means that in case you get employment you do not need a permit for work. You do not require a permit for work in Slovenia.

Family Members and some other categories

Also family members of the workers coming from the EU, EEA or the Swiss Confederation (who are citizens of a third country) have the right to free access to the labour market. This means that you can get employment or become self-employed without a permit for work. You prove your right by the residence permit for a family member for the purpose of family reunification. 

A permit for work is not necessary also for some other categories of foreigners. Such a permit is not required only in cases when so provided by law or an international convention.

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Non-EU citizens

As a NON-EU citizien, you can only find work or employment in Slovenia, if you have previously obtained a single residence and work permit.

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