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Find a job in Slovenia

EURES Advisers and career advisers of the Employment Service of Slovenia offer you support in finding a job in Slovenia and presenting your competences and knowledge to Slovenian employers, and suggest appropriate programmes for career and skills development.

Tips for finding a job in Slovenia

Job vacancies are published on various employment web portals:

In Slovenia, you can also find a job by sending job applications (i.e. letters of interest) to selected companies. Look for suitable companies in the European Business Register or in the database of Slovenian export companies.

When looking for a job, do not forget to use the opportunities created by networkingsocial networks and job fairs.

Slovenian employers normally expect you to apply with your CV and cover letter. You can prepare the application documentation on the Europass platform and later publish your CV in the EURES portal CV database.

When preparing the documentation, use the language required by the selected employer. Employers usually expect applications in Slovenian, while some are opened to using English, German or Italian.

EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS) offers financial supports for EU nationals who are looking for a job in another Member State, Iceland or Norway.

You can receive relocation allowance, interview trip allowance, language course allowance and recognition allowance.

More information on financial supports

Register with the local labour office of the Employment Service of Slovenia if you wish to extend your possibilities of finding a job in Slovenia. As citizens of EU Member States, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland you have free access to the Slovenian labour market and therefore do not need a work permit.

Register with the ESS

While looking for a job in Slovenia, you may continue receiving your unemployment benefits from your national employment office under certain conditions for a period of up to three months (with the possibility of extending it to up to six months). 

In order to transfer unemployment benefits, you will need to apply for the portable document U2 (authorisation to export your unemployment benefits) at your national competent authority and submit the form to the Employment Service of Slovenia the within 7 days of leaving country of residence.

Please note that you will have to register your residence in Slovenia before the expiry of a three-month stay.

Employers may ask you for certificates about your experience and knowledge and their relevance in Slovenia. We recommend that you prepare the following certificates and documents:

  • If your profession is regulated, you will need to fulfill certain legal conditions (e.g. professional exams, internships, obtaining licenses, a certain amount of work experience). Find out more information at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport.

Other forms of work

Self employment

If you are considerinf starting your own business in Slovenia, check out useful information on the Slovenia Business point web page. Many useful tips are also available at Your Europe - Business.  

Student work

A common form of work for young people in Slovenia is student work, which is also available to foreigners included in formal education.

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