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EURES advisers are trained specialists who provide information, guidance and job placement to both jobseekers and employers interested in the European job market.

Contacts for jobseekers

Call EURES Advisers in your vicinity to arrange a personal meeting.

You can also send us your questions by email at

Mateja Grajzar

Koper, Ljubljana, Nova Gorica in Trbovlje Regional offices

00386 1 24 24 214

Juan Andres Ahčin

Maribor and Murska Sobota Regional offices

00386 2 23 57 656

Katarina Kavčič

Kranj Regional office

00386 1 330 81 96

Nastja Raj

Velenje and Ptuj Regional offices

00386 2 88 79 477

Andreja Strmole

Celje, Novo mesto and Sevnica Regional offices

00386 3 42 73 344 

Contacts for employers

EURES Central office for employers is located at Cesta dveh cesarjev 403, 1000 Ljubljana. Call EURES Advisers for employers to prearrange a personal meeting. 

You can also send us your questions by email at

Katarina Kavčič

00386 1 330 81 96

Neža Sevčnikar

00386 1 33 08 197

Žarko Markovič

00386 1 33 08 198

European network of advisers

EURES offers a network of around 1000 advisers in 31 European countries who provide the information required by jobseekers and employers throughout Europe.  

Find and contact EURES Advisers in the selected country.

Live chat

Contact EURES Advisers from the country of your interest via mail, telephone or live chat.

Connect with EURES advisers across Europe



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