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Financial supports for employers

EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme offers financial supports to help employers find qualified workers from another EU country, Norway, or Iceland for hard to fill vacancies.

Your company can apply if: 

  • it is legally founded or registered in an EU country, Norway or Iceland, 

  • it employs a maximum of 250 employees
  • it is offering employment for a minimum of 6 months

  • it is offering employment on a full-time or at least part-time basis,  
  • candidate integration will start during the initial three weeks after recruitment.

You must contact EURES Advisers for employers before applying.

Financial support is intended for

  • on-boarding
  • language course, and 
  • administrative and relocation support upon recruitment. 

Financial framework

  • € 1,060 for basic on-boarding or
  • € 1,320 for in-depth on-boarding. 

How to apply?

You must contact EURES Advisers for employers before applying.

1. Fill in, print and sign the financial support application: Integration programme application.

2. Attach proof of company registration and a statement that the company has a bank account.

3. Attach a copy of the candidate’s passport

4. Attach a copy of the employment contract.

5. Attach proof of the candidate’s travel expenses (copies of receipts for public transport, fuel, vignette, public transport tickets, tunnels). The proof must indicate when the candidate left the country of residence and arrived in the country of employment.

6. Scan the application and send it:

  • by email to or
  • post it to: Zavod RS za zaposlovanje, Območna služba Celje, TMS, Ljubljanska cesta 14, 3001 Celje.

Immediately after recruitment, attach the Template for an integration programme, signed by the mentor and the employee. 

Submit the application at the latest one day before signing the employment contract. 

The aim of the project is to support sustainable employment and mobility in the EU through quality employment under reliable working conditions. Financial support is therefore available only for regular employment and as such:

  • is not granted to posted workers, trainees and apprentices (check other funding opportunities for young people),
  • does not provide financial support for call centre jobs
  • is not intended for probationary period lasting a few days without a regular salary,
  • does not provide placements with a job vacancy not opened to several candidates to apply for, i.e. no transparency, and
  • does not provide return mobility, i.e. when you move back to work in your country of origin or former country of residence.

The project lasts until 30 June 2024 with the financial support of the European Union: ESF 2021 EURES TMS.

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Need an advice?

For more information contact us at or contact EURES Advisers.

Contact us!

For financial support applications and additional information see the website of the Swedish Public Employment Servicethe TMS project promoter. 

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