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Short-term services from non-EU countries

Employers from non-EU countries can use posted workers to provide short-term services involving the supply of goods and maintenance in Slovenia. 

Registration of services

Before starting to provide the service, you are required to register the commencement of the provision of services with the Slovenian Employment Service.

You do this using an online form and we will issue you with a certificate of registration.

Restrictions on service provision

Services using posted workers may be provided for a continuous period of 14 days and for a total duration of up to 90 days in a calendar year.

The same posted worker can be posted again to Slovenia after an interruption of the same duration as the previous period of the provision of services.

  • When they are related to the supply and installation of machinery, plant or equipment or induction of the client’s staff or dismantling of machinery, plant or equipment.
  • For routine maintenance services agreed upon in the contract on the purchase of machinery, devices or equipment and carried out by posted workers employed with the manufacturer.
  • Where the supplier is obliged, under a contract on the supply of machinery, devices or equipment from abroad, to remedy defects in the machinery, devices or equipment supplied at its own expense.

To register the start of the provision of a service, enter the following information:

  • company name and registered office or address of the client,
  • company name and registered office or address of the employer,
  • name and date of birth of the responsible person of the client and of the service provider,
  • name, date of birth, nationality and temporary residence in the Republic of Slovenia of each posted worker,
  • type of service,
  • location and duration of the provision of services.

Register the provision of short-term service ...

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