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Recruit in Slovenia

Mobile workers can bring new knowledge, skills, and experience to your team and help expand your business.

EURES Slovenia, as part of the European EURES network, connects employers and jobseekers within EU Member States, EEA and Switzerland.

EURES Slovenia offers you:

  • posting job vacancies on the web portal of the Employment Service of Slovenia;
  • the preliminary selection of candidates;
  • (online) presentations of your company and job vacancies to jobseekers;
  • the possibility of participating in job fairs in Slovenia.

A step-by-step guide to recruiting workers

1. Write a precise description of the job and working conditions, including job title, contact details of your company, deadline for submitting the application, conditions required (education, skills, work experience), payment, and help with administration procedures.

2. Post a job vacancy at your local public employment services office.

3. Provide us the information about the vacancy. Your local EURES Adviser can also provide us with the information. Contact us.

4. Check out the possibilities of presenting your company and posting job vacancies at international job fairs. Your company can be represented by EURES Advisers at job fairs abroad. Contact us.

5. Check whether the candidate meets the employment conditions with regards to regulated professions requirements.

6. Sign an employment contract with the selected candidate in accordance with the laws of your country. Slovenian citizens have free access to the labour market in the EU, EEA and Switzerland.

7. You can also contact EURES Advisers in your country, who will provide you with information regarding international recruitment.

Assistance in integration of new employees into the new environment

Your new employee will better adjust to the working environment and will be more effective if you provide:

  • basic information regarding transportation, traffic connections, and the local environment,
  • assistance in finding accommodation,
  • mentoring and training,
  • assistance in learning the language, and
  • assistance in including the employee's family in their new working and social environments.

Check out some of the best recruitment practices in EURES at the EURES portal.

European Job Mobility Portal

Review the CVs and contact jobseekers who match your job descrition, advertise your job vacancies and find contact information of EURES advisers across Europe.

European Job Days

The European Job Days platform offers dynamic recruitment events that bring jobseekers and employers all around Europe together. Enjoy free and direct access to a huge pool of European jobseekers interested in working in different places.


Need an advice?

Contact EURES Advisers for more information on recruitement from Slovenia.

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