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Individual services of non-EU nationals

Fulfilment of conditions and granting of consent

Consent to provide individual services shall be granted for the performance of work requiring specific expertise of a foreign non-EU national not registered to pursue an activity.

We will grant consent for individual services if:

  • a civil law contract has been signed between a foreign national and a hirer, and
  • a foreign national has the specific expertise required to carry out the work under the contract.

Such work is time-limited. Foreign nationals are allowed to perform it:

  • for a maximum period of one year (in a calendar year) – in the fields of science, culture, sport, healthcare and education,
  • for a maximum period of three months (in a calendar year) – in other fields.


What supporting documents do you attach?

Please attach the following evidence of compliance with the conditions for granting the consent to your application for a single permit:

  • a photograph or reference number of a foreign national from an electronic photo repository,
  • a passport or certified photocopy of the passport of a foreign national,
  • evidence of compulsory health insurance (when a foreign national states that they are not covered by compulsory health insurance in Slovenia),
  • proof of sufficient means of subsistence,
  • a certificate from the criminal record of the home country of a foreign national (always when the first single permit is issued, otherwise only on request).

Procedure for obtaining a single permit

Form 1/1

1. Fill in the single permit form and attach all the necessary supporting documents.

These include evidence of compliance with the conditions for consent to the single permit.

2. Lodge the application for the single permit at the administrative unit.

3. In the single permit procedure we grant consent to this permit (ex officio at the request of the administrative unit).

More information at administrative units

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