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Euroguidance Network

Common goals

All Euroguidance centres connected in the European Euroguidance Network share three common goals:

  • to support the development of the European dimension of lifelong guidance,
  • to support competence development of guidance practitioners and raise their awareness on the value of international mobility,
  • to provide information and communication on the European dimension of guidance.

Euroguidance Slovenia

As a Euroguidance Centre, the Employment Service of Slovenia contributes to the central objective of Euroguidance, which is: 

  • to develop the competencies of guidance counsellors in education and employment and
  • to raise awareness of the European dimension of lifelong career guidance. 

The target audience of Euroguidance is:

  • career counsellors at the Slovenian Employment Service,
  • school counsellors and counsellors in other organisations working in the field of education and employment. 

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Euroguidance is co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ programme.

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