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Performing services

Performing services for the unemployed, other job seekers and employers

The purpose of the project

To increase the quality of counselling process and to enhance the accessibility of services of the Employment Service of Slovenia (ESS) for the users of services.

This will contribute towards:

  • higher employability of the unemployed and job seekers who are registered at the ESS as well as 
  • higher efficiency in performing public services and the intensity of cooperation with the users of such services and finally
  • ensuring support for employers with the coordination of supply and demand in the labour market.


  • Development of individual and in-depth counselling, depending on the specific needs of target groups.
  • An increase in competences of those who are working on the project to strengthen competences in the area of innovative approaches of working with the unemployed and employers.
  • Assurance of support for employers with the coordination of supply and demand in the labour market.
  • Establishment and operation of the central office for employers. 
  • Development and use of more innovative approaches in solving the problem of unemployment.
  • Encouraging the use of modern accessories for career management and other electronic services.
  • Performing services of informing and counselling with the use of new, modern communication channels.
  • Promotion of socially responsible employment.

Expected results 

  • The average number of consultations per counsellor: 2,052 per year.
  • Establishment of the central office for employers.
  • Drafting of the document Standards and approaches to work with employers, agencies and other agents in the labour market.
  • Increasing the number of new employers with several business units that are cooperating with the ESS by 10% by the end of this project.
  • Performing multi-channel services: 85,000 contacts per year.
  • Establishment of the knowledge base for external users of the ESS services.
  • Establishment of two new multi-channel services.

Target group of the project

  • The unemployed,
  • job seekers and
  • employers.

Duration of the project

From 14 December 2015 to 30 November 2022.

Financial value and project funding 

A total of 15,857,591.02 EUR is intended for the project.

The project is financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund (80%) and the budget of the Republic of Slovenia (20%). 

Project implementation

The project is based on the Operational Programme for the Implementation of the EU Cohesion Policy in the period from 2014 to 2020:

  • Priority axis No. 8 – Encouraging the employment and transnational mobility of the workforce.
  • Investment priority No. 8.1 – Access to job vacancies for job seekers and inactive persons, including long-term unemployed people and people who are distant from the labour market, also through local initiatives for employment and encouraging the mobility of workers.
  • Specific objective No. 8.1.2 – More effective life-long career guidance.

More information about the cohesion policy in Slovenia and EU:

Contact person

Sabrina Urnaut

Project leader 

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