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Counselling work with the young unemployed

Enhancement of the counselling work with the young unemployed

The purpose of the project

The project is focused on the enhancement of the counselling work with the young and an increase in accessibility of the services provided by the Employment Service of Slovenia in compliance with the programme Jamstvo za mlade (Youth Guarantee), of which the main goals are to improve the transition from education to employment, faster activation of the young unemployed and decrease in their unemployment.

With the employment and training of youth counsellors, ESS will contribute to youth empowerment in career management. Another purpose is more effective implementation of Youth Guarantee, since counsellors will recognize the youth needs soon after the emergence of unemployment and will adjust activities and offers to them.


  • To ensure the quality of the ESS services and to support efficient and fast activation of the young after the transition to unemployment.
  • Increase the competences of youth counsellors.
  • Development and use of more innovative approaches in solving the problem of youth unemployment 
    (for example by using more up-to-date channels of communication and advanced accessories for career management, by in-depth career counselling, by individualised actions and services that are adjusted to the needs of the labour market, by directly contacting employers, by co-operation with non-governmental organisations and other local initiatives, etc.).

Target group of the project 

Young job seekers and the unemployed aged 29 or less.

Project Funding

The project is financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund (80%) and the budget of the Republic of Slovenia (20%). 

Project implementation

The project is based on the Operational Programme for the Implementation of the EU Cohesion Policy in the period from 2014 to 2020:

  • Priority axis No. 8 – Encouraging the employment and transnational mobility of the workforce.
  • Investment priority No. 8.2 – Continual youth labour market integration, mainly for those who are not employed and are not receiving any education or training, including the young who are liable to social exclusion and the young from marginalised groups, also by performing Youth Guarantee, 
  • Specific objective No. 8.2.1 - Reducing youth unemployment.

More information about the cohesion policy in Slovenia and EU:

Contact person

Barbara Gogala

Project leader 

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