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Targeted Mobility Scheme − TMS

The Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS) project is aimed at the development of innovative services, including financial support for jobseekers aged at least 18, and for employers to promote employment mobility in the EU, within the EURES network.

Project Objectives

To provide financial support to jobseekers aged at least 18 for finding employment in another EU country, Norway, or Iceland, within the framework of EURES services.

The project, which is designed for both jobseekers and employers, is open to:

  • jobseekers aged at least 18 who are seeking employment in another EU country, Norway, or Iceland,
  • small and medium-sized enterprises (up to 250 employees) that are looking to employ young jobseekers from another EU country, Norway, or Iceland.

Types of Financial Support

For jobseekers:

  • Travel expenses for an employment interview,
  • moving expenses upon employment, and moving expenses for family members,
  • costs of recognition of educational qualifications,
  • costs of a language course,
  • moving expenses for candidates with additional needs. 

For employers:

  • Induction into work,
  • language course, and
  • administrative and accommodation support for employed candidates. 

Consortium of Project Partners

The main partner of the project is the Swedish employment service (Arbetsförmedlingen/EURES NCO Sweden). 

The other partners in the consortium are the employment services (EURES NCOs) and their members: Ireland, Denmark, Estonia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, the Azores, Företagsutveckling AB (Sweden), Hesore Consulting AB (Sweden), Better Business international Finland Oy (BBi), Allianssi Youth Exchanges (Finland), Istituto Formazione Operatori Aziendali (IFOA). 

The associate partners are the employment services (EURES NCOs) of: Finland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Belgium, Great Britain, and the Swedish organisation, Naturvetarna.  

Project Funding and Implementation

The project is co-financed under the EaSI – EURES programme: Targeted Mobility Scheme (VP/2019/009, EaSI 95%, Slovenia 5%). It is being carried out from 1 December 2019 to 30 April 2022.

The total project value is EUR 4,169,518.43, of which EUR 31,999.50 EUR in the Employment Service of Slovenia (ESS) share.

Contact person

Andreja Strmole

Project Leader

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