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Reactivate Your Career

Reactivate Your Career is an EU job mobility scheme to help job seekers aged 35+ to find a job in another EU country. It targets both job seekers and employers and provides a comprehensive mobility package which includes financial support.

The goal of the project

Reactivate is a targeted mobility scheme to help job seekers aged 35+ of any of the EU countries to find a work placement in another EU country than their country of residence.

It also helps employers, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to find the workforce they need for their hard-to-fill vacancies.

The project supports European mobility and sustainable recruitments with fair working conditions. Under the present call, the sheme is expected to ensure around 695 work placements.

In order to apply for a job and for financial support,candidates must fulfil the conditions. They can qualify forinterview trip, relocation allowance, language course, recognition of qualifications and supplementary relocation allowance.

In order to apply for financial support, employers must fulfil the conditions as well. The financial support to employers is given for language training, job introduction or in-house training. The programme level can vary from basic (with just one learning component) to comprehensive (combining a training module with administrative support and resettlement assistance).

All applications to take part in Reactivate must be managed and sent in by EURES staff or the Public Employment Services.

Please contact the project partners for more information regarding project, application forms etc.

Duration of the project

From February 2017 until October 2018.

Project implementation

The Public Employment Service of Sweden/EURES Sweden is the administrator and lead-applicant of the EU Reactivate project until October 2018. The project is run by five different countries in a Consortium with Sweden as the lead, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Portugal and Slovenia. The project covers all of the EU countries.

Project funding

With financial support from the European Union: EaSI 2014-2020 programme.

Contact person

Andreja Strmole 

Project coordinator at the ESS

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