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Model M – Slovenia

Career Training, Employment, and Entrepreneurship for Youth

The project enables unemployed young individuals aged 15 to 29 to participate in training, counseling, and active assistance in obtaining employment or establishing their own business.

Project Objective

The project aims to strengthen the competencies of young individuals to increase their employability and employment opportunities. Through training, networking, counseling, and active participation, the project empowers young people to create their own success models, including the preparation of their career plans for employment or business plans for self-employment in entrepreneurship or within non-governmental organizations.



  • Train at least 140 young individuals to improve their employability and employment opportunities.
  • Assist at least 32 young individuals in obtaining employment.


Project Implementation

The project runs from August 1, 2016, to September 15, 2018.

The project is led by IRDO – Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility, in collaboration with regional partners, including the employment service.

The project is implemented in seven statistical regions:

  • Pomurska, Koroška, Savinjska, and Jugovzhodna Slovenija within the Eastern cohesion region.
  • Gorenjska, Obalno-kraška, and Osrednjeslovenska within the Western cohesion region.

The employment service participates in the Model M – Slovenia project as a partner, involving its Regional Offices Celje, Ljubljana, Kranj, Koper, Novo mesto, Murska Sobota, and Velenje. This involves the inclusion of unemployed individuals in supportive and development programs of active employment policy.



The project is financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund and the Republic of Slovenia – Ministry of Education, Science, and Sport, Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth.

It is part of the Operational Programme for the Implementation of European Cohesion Policy for the 2014–2020 period:

  • 8 – Promoting Employment and Transnational Labor Mobility.
  • 8.2 – Sustainable Integration of Youth into the Labor Market, especially those not in employment, education, or training, including those facing social exclusion and young people from marginalized communities, including the implementation of the Youth Guarantee.
  • 8.2.1 – Reducing Youth Unemployment.

For more information about European cohesion policy in Slovenia 2014–2020, visit

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