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Electronic documentary system – EDS

The main goal of the project is to set up an electronic documentation and archival system, as well as to enforce an electronic, paperless pursuit of business in the Employment Service of Slovenia.

Purpose, objectives and results of the project

Main purpose of the operation is to set up a paperless operating mode at the Employment Service of Slovenia.

Electronic documentary system (EDS) will enable:

  • better distribution of work tasks,
  • greater efficiency of management and
  • higher level of efficiency and productivity.

Indirect benefits of the project will be:

  • faster response time,
  • facilitation of the work with clients,
  • faster decision making,
  • increased customer satisfaction and,
  • lower operating costs.

Objectives of the operation are:

  • establishment of a system for management of business processes, mainly based on a processed documents,
  • establishment of a system for management of electronic documents, t.i. an electronic documentation system,
  • creation of an electronic archival system.

Target groups of operations are:

  • ESS with its employees,
  • ESS clients (jobseekers, participants and performers in the Active employment policy, employers) and
  • the institutions which participate in processes carried out by the ESS (Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, etc.).


Implementation and funding

Duration of the project is from 1. 10. 2010 to 30. 6. 2015.

Operation Introduction of an electronic documentation system in the Employment Service of Slovenia (ESS) is a part of its modernisation, which is defined as one of the actions in the Operational programme of human resources development for the period 2007–2013:

  • 5. Development priorities Institutional and administrative qualifications,
  • 5.2 priorities Reform of the institutions in the labour market.

This project is partially (85%) co-funded by the European Social Fund, 15% of the value, however, is co-financed by the ESS own participation.

Contact person 

Irena Hribar Rajterič

Project Leader 

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