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COM-IN Project

Training programmes for counsellors for implementing community integration of difficult-to-employ people

Project context

The partnership has found out, that counsellors, working in employment offices, vocational and training organizations, NGOs, municipalities, and other organizations, dealing with working and social integration, have lack of competences for working integration of difficult-to-employ people (DTE). 

On the other hand, we have established that collaboration and exchange of information among different organisations is weak: in some countries we can find cases of good cooperation between different organisations in the area of working integration process of DTE. 

We have also found out that in the participating countries there are no officially certified programmes for counselling of DTE.

The main project’s objectives are: 

  • To empower counsellors in employment offices, vocational and training organizations, NGOs, and local communities for better use of methods and approaches for working integration of DTE. 
  • To empower a “community coordinator” to coordinate community activities for social and working integration of DTE and to improve collaboration and networking among different organizations in the process of inclusion of DTE.
  • To standardize education and training contents and methods for the “counsellor for DTE" and to increase accessibility to standardized programmes for this profile.


In order to reach the project objectives, we will:

  • prepare a training programme for the counsellor for difficult-to-employ people, a training programme for the community coordinator for DTE and
  • develop certification programme proposal for counsellor for DTE. 


9 partners from three countries are involved in the project:

  • Fakulteta za uporabne družbene študije v Novi Gorici (project coordinator - SLO),
  • Ustanova Fundacija BiT Planota so.p. (SLO),
  • ŠENTPRIMA – Zavod za rehabilitacijo in Izobraževanje (SLO),
  • Zavod Republike Slovenije za zaposlovanje (Employment Service of Slovenia) – Local Office Nova Gorica (SLO),
  • Istituto regionale per’l educazione e gli studi cooperativi IRECOOP Veneto (I),
  • Veneto Lavoro (I),
  • Pôle emploi Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (F) and
  • Association EDIAS (F).

At project implementation will cooperate also ENSIE – associated partner (B). 

Financing and implementation

Total grant of the project, which implementation period is from 1st January 2022 till 30th June 2024, is 342,476.00 €, amount for the ESS is 24,940.00 €. 

The COM-IN project is implemented under Erasmus+, Key Action 2, KA220 – VET – Vocational and professional education strategic partnership.

Contact person

Valentina Birsa

Project coordinator at the ESS 

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